Thursday, 12 January 2017

What To Do if You Suddenly Get Sick and Need Immediate Medical Attention?

That is a question that many people encounter on a daily basis in Brampton, around Ontario and throughout Canada and the rest of the world. But what is the right answer?

Well, you can call 911, but is that the only thing that you can do? You can also go to a hospital emergency room. However, there are other options. Ones that can allow you to meet up with a doctor in a walk in clinic. The difference between the two is interesting, because if immediate medical treatment is what you want then going to the hospital can sometimes be counterproductive. How can that be? Let's examine.

Hospital Emergency Room Wait Times

Many hospitals in Ontario have long queues at their emergency rooms. There have been tales of people having to wait for more than five hours to see a doctor at the emergency room in the hospital. As you can see, immediate medical attention then becomes not very quick in that case! Alternately you can get quality emergency care at many walk-in clinics in Brampton.

Walk-In Clinics Wait Times

Alternatively, many people who go to walkin clinics that have walk in doctors. That allows you to see a family physician in less than 30 minutes. In some cases, when it is not very busy, the patient can see the doctor immediately. In rare occasions, it is possible for wait times to be longer than this. However, there is a solution for this also. Many medical clinics allow you to make an appointment before arriving at the clinic. So, if you are the type who like to make appointments, then it is also a great option for you. Most clinics also have a pharmacy which is just an added convenience to the customer.

Family Doctors

Most of the walk-in clinics in Brampton have highly professional doctors who can operate with the latest medical facility. The best part about these clinics is that they can take care of their patients in a fraction of the time which is associated when getting treated in hospital emergency rooms.


We started off by mentioning that it is possible to call 911 which get you immediate medical attention. However, consider that this service is provided only for emergencies. In fact, if the medical situation is not deemed to be life-threatening, then it is not recommended to call 911. Furthermore, using this service comes with a cost that will be billed to you, especially if the situation is not considered to be an emergency situation.

Overall, the professionalism which is exhibited by healthcare professionals is vital to the treatment that the patient receives. At we are dedicated to providing the most caring and attentive medical care to our patients. When you are satisfied with the treatment provided, then you will want to continue using the health centre where you received it.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Compounding Pharmacy - Your Most Common Questions Answered

What is a compounding pharmacy? Many people ask us this question every day. And it is a surprise that most people do not know the answer to this very simple question. Let's delve a little into the history of drug manufacturing to understand better what this means.

Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies dominate the drug manufacturing market. There are facilities and factories worldwide that design, build and produce the various drug compounds. Historically, things were not always like this. In fact, in the past most true pharmacies were compounding pharmacies. What does that mean? The term compounding means to compound or to mix ingredients together to produce a compound. Most pharmacies in the past did not have the convenience of today's drug world. Nor did they have access to ready-made drugs and medicines like we have today.

Pharmacies of the past had to rough it out be mixing basic ingredients together to produce the compound (or medicine) that the patient needs. And that is the gist of compounding. It is how most drugs were made only a few centuries ago. Of course, with today's technological advances, it is hard to believe that this type of compounding still exists. However, there remains a strong need for this kind of service. Some drugs have a shelf life and need to be compounded on the stop, inside the pharmacy. There are other reasons such as that not all drugs are available in their final format, and some of them need to have the ingredients put together at the final destination, just before handing it to the patient. Visit us to see our list of services or come by and talk to our pharmacists who can contribute to improving the level of care that you are receiving.

In Many Canadian cities such as Brampton Ontario, Pharmacies are offering this service to their clients because of the demand and the advantages that it offers. Brampton compounding pharmacies are a great deal of convenience to patients, especially if the pharmacy is located near a walk-in clinic. Because of the increase in demand on the Canadian healthcare system, Brampton pharmacists are doing what they can to help alleviate that need. And one of the ways that they are doing this is by offering bundled services to the patient. Bundled services mean that someone who is sick can go to the local Brampton walk-in clinic, and on their way out they can visit the pharmacy which also happens to be a compounding pharmacy.

At Olde Town Medical, we offer a variety of healthcare and pharmacy services that are available here. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients get all the health care that they need. Our compounding pharmacy is conveniently located in the same facility as our walk-in clinic. Furthermore, we have a great team of pharmacists and doctors who can tend to your every health need. We can fill prescriptions from all different type of family physicians in Brampton. We also have a female family doctor on staff to help serve you better.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Health Benefits of Walk-in Clinics for the Residents of Brampton

In life, certain things like small medical emergencies happen without warning. That is when you will want to take advantage of our walk in clinic in Brampton. Some situations are serious and require medical attention from a hospital. However, most minor injuries and medical emergencies can be taken care of by a doctor who is present in your local Brampton walk-in clinic or medical centre.

The definition of a walk-in clinic is a health care facility where immediate medical attention and care is provided. Emergency treatments include fever, colds, allergies, asthma, fractures, testing samples, and other things. These things can be easily performed in a clinic where a family doctor, pharmacist, and staff are working.

Waiting Time is Less

The average waiting time at a Brampton medical clinic is less when compared to other traditional family doctors. It is especially much shorter than you would experience at a hospital. In hospitals, you have to wait for many hours for getting treatment. In emergency cases, that is not feasible. Getting immediate relief from the pain and suffering is what any patients want. You do not want to wait too long and be inconvenienced when it comes to seeing a physician, and walk-in clinics are the best option for seeing a medical doctor quickly, and without an appointment.

Similarly, if a child is sick or if seniors such as your parents or grandparents are sick and they cannot move quickly, then what do you do? Then you would need the convenience of a medical centre that is located near you in Brampton. All you need to come in, give your name and OHIP information to the receptionist. The doctor will be seeing you and providing treatment. Before you know it; you are headed back home.

Unfortunately, in Ontario, if you had gone to a hospital such as Brampton Civic Hospital then you could be waiting for quite some time for your medical treatment. Being able to find a good Brampton clinic is easy. At, we have everything you would need for the health of your family.

Your Health is our Priority

Your health is something which cannot be compromised at any cost. When there is the need of immediate medical attention, then getting it from a reliable clinic such as Olde Town Brampton clinic is essential. That helps in providing the quality medical care which you need from male and female family doctors who are dedicated to your health. After all, it is worth investing in the health of yourself and those you love. Knowing about the most reputable family physicians and doctor's offices can help you be prepared in the case of any medical emergency. Furthermore, if you even need to advise then you can always come and visit our clinic. Our doctors and pharmacists are professional, courteous and they care about your well-being. When you deal with our family physicians you will realize just how excellent, convenient and professional our health services truly are.

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